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Shun is one of the leading composers of today’s Japan.
His activities cover a broad genres from the field of popular music to contemporary music.
Shun’s basic musical training started with violin at four years of age. He continued studying music while spending his childhood and most of his youth in Germany.
His professional music career started when he wrote several hits while studying law at the University of Gakushuin in Tokyo.
After finishing the law faculty, he further studied composition, conducting as well as screening
and studio production extensively in Japan, Germany and in America.

The awards he has won throughout the years are, BEST COMPOSER OF THE YEAR twice, TOKYO MUSIC FESTIVAL BEST COMPOSER twice, THE BEST RECORD PRODUCER OF THE YEAR three times, THE BEST ARRANGER OF THE YEAR twice, and as a song writer THE BEST SONG OF THE YEAR AWARD twice. In addition, his credit of the songs that hit the charts count over 1,100 titles,
and his records and CD sales top 60 million copies.

In 1981 he moved to Los Angeles where he worked with various artists as composer and producer.
Among them were Leif Garrett and Dona Valary.
Since 1988 he was involved in many theatrical projects in New York and in London.
In 1991 he has produced THE WOMEN IN BLACK in Tokyo, the long running play now entering its 27th season in London.
In 1992 he was assigned as the Artistic Director for the KAWAGUCHI/EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL.
In 1994 produced the Tokyo production of AN INSPECTOR CALLS,
a huge hit in London and New York which later received Tony Awards 1995.

In fall of 1994 he has opened his original musical OUT OF THE BLUE in Shaftesbury Theatre in London.

His credits in Musical Theatres as a composer are,
GONE WITH THE WIND Takarazuka Theatre Company 1977, ’88, ’04.
THE STUDENT PRINCE ’77, Shiki Theater Company, Tokyo.
A musical drama “OUT OF THE BLUE” November ’94, Shaftesbury theatre, London.
GALAXY EXPRESS 999, November ’97 The Artsphere Theater, Tokyo.

He has scored many films and TV drama and documentaries.
In 2001 he has scored the motion picture X-ROADS,
a US-China Production directed by Sharon Jiang, released in China and in the US.
His recent credit of motion pictures and dramas are,
HOUSE OF GLASS, a high rating drama series in National Broadcasting Co. (NHK) that started in fall 2013.

Shun is the composer and the executive producer of “FRIENDLY AVENUE”
an animation musical series that played for two seasons (2005-2006) at channel 12, TV Tokyo

In 2012, Shun has collaborated with the Noh master Ujin Sakurama,
celebrating the 1300 years of KOJIKI (the oldest written testament in Japan) .
He wrote a piece called YOU CAN SEE BEYOND for Vocals, chamber orchestra and traditional Japanese instruments,
that was performed at the IZUMO TAISHA SANCTUARY.

This year he has written “A Bridge to the past” for Viola da Gamba, performed by Myrna Herzog, a renowned Soloist from Israel.

On May 31, 2014, He has arranged and conducted the music for the final event for the National Olympic Stadium in Tokyo. The stadium that was built in 1958 will be torn down in July 2014, to be rebuilt for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

For the long time achievement and contribution for the music scene,
Shun was honored the PERSON OF CULTURAL MERIT by the Japanese Government.

Appointed as the 23rd Commissioner of Agency of Cultural Affairs of Japan.
:: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan ::

Titles he has served for various entities and organizations.
・Chairman/ JASRAC(Japanese society of rights for authors and composers and publishers)
・Council member of the Board of Cultural Affairs, for Ministry of Education and Science.
・Chairman/ Cultural development committee. New National Stadium for Olympics 2020
・Professor/ Showa Musical Academy (Composition)
・Professor/ Tokyo International University


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